Would You Pay $4200 for a Toothbrush?

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Do you think you have a good toothbrush? How about one made of titanium with an antibacterial coating? According to successstory.com, you can own one for a mere $4200. The bristles are detachable so they can be easily replaced with new ones from the Reinast, company that makes it. It’s lightweight, and the coating on the head will keep it bacteria-free. And it comes in four colors: matte black, rose, champagne and titanium.

You probably don’t have $4200 to drop on a new toothbrush. But the good news is you don’t need a $4200 toothbrush to get a million-dollar smile. The toothbrushes that are available in the grocery, drug or box store are every bit as good as the one used by your average billionaire. And they don’t cost that much. You can pick one up for no more than three bucks, tops.

The toothbrush for the average person usually doesn’t come in designer colors. But they do come in plenty of different colors, and when you are buying one for your child, you can let her pick out one in his or her favorite color, or in the shape of a superhero or cartoon character. And of course, if you have a favorite color, chances are you can find a toothbrush in your favorite shade.

Aesthetic considerations aside, there isn’t much to think about when you are picking out your toothbrush, but since you can’t take one out for a test drive, here are some things you should look for. You want one that you can easily hold. You may want one that is angled, or has grip so you can hold it easily. The head should be small enough to reach every part of your mouth, and you should choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles.

You should get a new toothbrush every six months or as soon as the bristles start to show wear. Since children brush with a little more energy than the adults, they may need new toothbrushes more often than grownups.

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