When Dental Phobia Affects Your Overall Health

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For an estimated 9%-15% of Americans, dental anxiety and phobia prevents them from having a good experience at the dentist. It can also affect your oral health, if your phobia is so severe, it prevents you from getting needed dental care

Dental phobia is not as common as dental anxiety, since many people have some fear when going to the dentist; dental phobia is an extreme fear of dentists and can make a patient so miserable, they’ll do just about anything to avoid it.

Unfortunately, not seeing the dentist, especially when there’s problems, can create a plethora of problems. For one, gum disease and early tooth loss are increased, and it can affect patients’ emotional health, as well. They may smile, but not wide, or not with their teeth at all. A loss of self-esteem and confidence can also pose problems.

Symptoms of Dental Phobia

There are several symptoms of dental phobia that can be debilitating, and include:

         Thoughts of dental visits that make you physically ill

         Increased nervousness when anticipating going to the dentist or while waiting for treatment

         Intense thoughts of panic that may make it hard to breathe when objects are placed in your mouth

         An overwhelming need to cry, when talking about going to the dentist, or when thinking about going

         Sleep issues the night before your appointment

You may have just one reason, or several reasons why you fear the dentist, such as a bad past experience, pain, feelings of loss of control and of helplessness, or even unknown expectations. All is not all lost, however, since dental phobia can be treated, and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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