Tips on How to Make Your Brushing Routine More Successful

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Sometimes grabbing your old toothbrush and lightly brushing your chompers just isn’t quite enough to take good care of your smile. In fact, there are some small things you need to remember to make your brushing technique more effective.

First, remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush that has a one-inch head and a non-slip grip. These characteristics can help you properly care for and clean your teeth and gums.

Second, remember to use a toothbrush that is in pristine condition. This means you need to replace your brush if the bristles are worn down or if you have used it longer than 4 months.

Third, remember to use fluoride toothpaste as you brush. The fluoride can help your teeth fight dental issues. It’s best to use a paste (and toothbrush) that has been approved by the American Dental Association. The ADA acceptance proves that the oral hygiene tool is safe and effective for use.

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