Laugh a Little Today by Reading Our Dental Jokes

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Our dentists, Dr. Sean and Dr. Sepi, along with our dental team love to give you reasons to smile. We happily provide beneficial dental treatments and restorations that can help you have the clean, healthy, and beautiful smile you deserve. To keep you smiling, we will be happy to share some fun dental jokes with you!

Why does a dentist seem moody?

Because he always looks down in the mouth.

What is a dentist’s office?

A filling station.

What games did your dentist play while they was younger?

Caps and robbers.

What did the dentist say to the computer?

This won’t hurt a byte.

What did the dentist see at the North Pole?

A molar Bear.

What did the werewolf eat after he had his teeth filled?

His dentist.

What does a dentist do on a roller coaster?

He braces himself.

Why do dentists like potatoes so much?

Because they are so filling.

Why did the king go to the dentist?

To get a new crown!

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