A Cavity Can Be Repaired With a Dental Filling

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If you aren’t consistent with your daily oral hygiene routine, or if you put off your routine dental checkups or recommended treatment with Dr. Khashayar Khomejany, a cavity is more likely to develop on one of your teeth. Early symptoms often include discomfort when chewing, tooth sensitivity, or a noticeable change in the texture of the tooth.

With early detection, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany may recommend a composite or amalgam dental filling in Vacaville, California.

Amalgam dental fillings are made from biologically safe metals. They are dark in color, so they are most often used to repair a cavity that won’t appear in your smile. For instance, if the cavity was affected a molar or premolar in the back of your mouth, it might be repaired with an amalgam dental filling. This blend of special dental grade metals is very durable.

A composite resin dental filling is made from a dental-grade resin that can be matched to the shade of your teeth. This makes it a good choice for repairing a cavity on a tooth that is visible when you smile. Once our dentist has shaded and applied the composite material, they will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and bond it with the healthy tooth enamel.

If you’ve noticed a cavity, you should call 707-448-5339 to have it treated by our dentist at Vacaville Dental Studio.